27 definitions by sheldon

Something funny or awesome.
Like Cuttie has a fuckin' hawk, thats jokes man.
by Sheldon January 24, 2004
a forceful or an incapacitating strike (usually) to a man's crotch; can also be used to describe an unfortunate event that is just as painful. *AKA blast in the package
Even though the old man wanted to apologize for hitting Mike Tyson's car, Tyson was so angry that he gave the man a crisp package blast and walked away.
by Sheldon May 14, 2003
The smell associated with inserting your fingers in a woman's vagina.
I fingered Louise last night and got me stink finger
by Sheldon December 26, 2003
Having peas in your head; Buckshots
The inability for hair to be penetrated by combs.
Thia has naps in the back of her head.
by Sheldon November 20, 2003
A girlfriend that a person has. The majority of interaction is done over the internet, usually on MSN messenger.

See also internet boyfriend
Hey Matt! Guess what? Ang is my new internet girlfriend, and we are gonna do it, on the internet.
by Sheldon January 27, 2004
To place your penis inside a girls vagina.
Cuttie, you fucktwat of a fucking yawnay, like you chucked it into that neen.
by Sheldon January 26, 2004
A total fuck head.
I'm not going to lie to you, this douchebag is the dildo that slipped through the cracks.
by Sheldon January 24, 2004

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