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a myspace scene queen, famous for adding just about everyone she saw and joining about a million trains. any slightly disrespectful comments to her pictures, and your blocked. she was banned from myspace for putting up a nude picture of herself her ex put up first, which doesn't really make sense in the matter of things but hey, that's kiki for you.

kiki kannibal has her own jewelry line called kikikouture, and the cheapest they go is fourty dollars plus shipping. it's rumoured that her jewelry isn't half as good as people say it is, that it's just plastic and is usually broken when it arrives. then again, there are numerous people that adore kiki kouture and openly obsess over it. in reality though, it's easy enough to find the same shapes for five or six dollars in hot topic.

kiki kannibal gets a lot of crap about everything, so you really can't blame her if she's a bit... bitchy. she claims to have brought the horizontal stripe back, but many people claim that she copied audrey kitching. some people say she and her sister koti copy hannabeth and audrey kitching's poses, but i don't see the resemblence.

after she was kicked off of myspace, kiki took up stickam and is on usually about daily. she goes live a lot, and watching her videos can either be hilarious or a cause of brain deteriation.

all in all, there are a million different veiws on kiki kannibal. personally, i think she's just a girl who's been overly praised and torn apart, making her ego kind of blown up.
xxlolsxx: i watched kiki kannibal live the other day. it was hilarious.

lesslols: i thought she was really stupid. she and her sister are messed up.
by sheabby November 03, 2008

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