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There are many different types

The Leaky Pipe: When gas slowly oozes out your crack, and a low hissing sound is audible.

The Fake: A toot that has no odor.

Perfume: A fart that smells good. Very rare.

Wet Gas: When pieces of shit prom your previous diarrhea come out with your gas.

Steam: Made when in a cold place. Results is a visible gas seen erupting from the butt.
Whether a fart or a toot
It's never mute
by Shazamalam November 21, 2013
A Kingsleton is a rare beast, with an unmanageable mane consisting of dreadwhips. It punches dolphins in the face. It ties slores up in burlap sacks and throws them into rivers. It is anything but tame.
Hey did you hear that wild Kingsleton rampaging through the nursing home?...Yeah i think he was packin' a shake weight....shit is about to go down....
by shazamalam February 11, 2011
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