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pig latin for bitch
wow matt what an itchbay
by Shazam December 17, 2003
A phrase meaning "you are gay". Usually accompanied by these hand signals:
1(You). Point at your target.
2(Pound). Place one hand level with the palm up, then hit it with your other fist.
3(Butt) . Make the "butt" symbol by making a "u" with each hand and placing them side by side.
Hey, you! You... pound... butt!
by Shazam May 22, 2004
Hammoudi is a nickname of Ahmed and it came for the middle east, and its related to the meaning of Ahmed as a muslem.
Hammoudi goes to pinewood prep, he's an iraqi exchange student.
by shazam January 04, 2005
Name used to describe a dip. (Chewing Tobacco)
well I think it's time for the 4 S's, sh*t, shave, shower, and shnergin
by Shazam December 16, 2003
pig F*cker
shut up yabbot
by Shazam December 16, 2003
Nerdy white honkey who lives out in Utah. Also is a mormon despite although he denies it like a mofo. Wishes he could be intarweb all-star.
Dude look at that doubtful; he's such a mormon!
by ShaZaM January 04, 2004
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