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3 definitions by shayyyshayyy

city in michigan. about 30-45 mins from detroit. it's pretty lame. home of the farmington school distict. there are 3 high schools:
north - the smart school
harrison - the sports school....it's becoming really ghetto though because lots of people from detroit are coming over
farmington - umm not really known for anything it's all about hhs and nfhs.
there is absolutely nothing to do in farmington hills it is very, very lame. i can't wait to get the hell out of this shithole city.
farmington hills is lame as fuck.
by shayyyshayyy August 16, 2008
98 55
gymnastics superstar. she's currently 16 years old and competeing in the 2008 olympics.
omg shawn johnson is the individual all around silver medalist!!!
by shayyyshayyy August 15, 2008
47 30
kind of like the eharmony for teens except you don't go on it to find your "soulmate" you just go on it to flirt. however, it is possible to actually meet up with someone you meet on espin if you really wanted to.
espinthebottle user - like omgzz i just found a total hottie on espin!
espinthebottle user2 - omgzzz awesome!! i'm going to make an account right now!!!
by shayyyshayyy August 15, 2008
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