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bussa,noun ( Bus-uh )
Definition:a female who likes to give oral sex. A bussah will suck anyones dick for free and doesnt care. theyll even do it at school.

Note: most bussahs are ugly and boys only want them because they suck dick
Girl 1 :Hey girl. see dat girl ova der
Girl 2 :yea
Girl 1 :she a bussa
Girl 2 :she is
Girl 1 :yea she suck every bodies dick she a hoe
Boy: she is tell her i said wussup
Girl 2 : she will probly do it she a bussah
Boy : ima go holla at her
by shay shay baby April 12, 2008

A double dutch booty is a booty that sits up high and is big and round and that moves from side to side and up and down when walking
Man do you see my girlfriend ay joe she got a double dutch booty
by shay shay baby April 12, 2008
Definition: a box of condoms
ay man i gotta go my girl want me to come over and i aint got nothin. so ima go buy me a box of dem thangs that killed john wayne
by shay shay baby April 12, 2008

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