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Kearah is a name for a very kind, very pretty girl. She will most likely be in love th ethe boy you are destined to be with and he will probably love her back. Kearah is the kind of person who will ruin your life, but you can't help but call her a nice, funny, talented girl. She will get everything you ever want and you will never have.
If you are a Kearah and you are reading this, then THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE!!!!
an Anisah might say "hey I really like that Jacob kid, I think I wanna spend the rest of my life with him!"

And then a Kearah will say "y'know, I think I like that Jacob kid too, so I'm gonna like him as well, and he'll most likely pick me!" and then the Jacob will say "I think I'm gonna go love Kearah, even though Anisah and I are obviously meant to be!"
by shawwtylovesya January 26, 2011

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