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a bunch of pre-madonna faggots, who think that their cars are the "dux nuts"
They strutt around, with their died hair and small dicks, looking for "punani" because they are too fat and poor to be able to get a real root without paying for it.
Here come "team stem", fucking date punching, cock sucking, uni student dropout, cafe hopping, baggy jean wearing, mother fuckers
by shaun June 03, 2003
A variation to the word "ownage" the "e" at then end is close to "d" so the d was accidently striked after typing ownage, thus this word was created
LOL, j00 got ownaged !
by Shaun January 01, 2005
1. a house
2. just hanging out doing nothin at home
3. to head to the house
1. The dog is in the hoose.
2. What's up? I'm just hoosin it.
3. It's late we better hoose it soon.
by shaun November 17, 2004
To be a fucking pimpstress

To be a badass Rogue Archer
Jesus Christ, I wish I could be like Caladari.

One time I got fucking pwned by caladari, cause she's so god damn 3l33t

I bow to Caladari, the pimpstress rogue archer!
by Shaun October 20, 2004
a ugly person, not cute, ugly as hell, a face that only a mother can love
shaun told terreast to shut her shit face ass up
by shaun July 04, 2004
Something that you are definitely certain on and there is no way it is a mistake
Thinking a girl is mega fit!
by Shaun March 14, 2003
to spend money on something
"Lets bust money on that bong"
by Shaun May 11, 2003

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