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uk slang word meens something is really good, new age word for wiked heavy tite etc, use used wen reverin 2 strength of drugs
your new trainers are rotant
by shaun January 29, 2005
Somebody who TK's another person to fly the choppers in online games (Mainly Battlefield Vietnam).
That bloody Choptard shot me to take the chopper i was waiting for.
by Shaun August 22, 2004
asking someone how they are doing
Kenny "wha da buisness is shawty" said Shawn.
by shaun April 26, 2004
a shotie is a brosley and much wenlock term 4 a bong
are mate lets pop a shotie
by shaun January 15, 2004
bare battle lyrics pon dis ting
Nig: u got beef wit me?
rpt: ye i got beef wit you, but i got bare battle lyrics pon dis ting lyrically bust you INNIT
by Shaun June 04, 2003
God like creature
The ainsy killed everybody in the village
by Shaun November 29, 2003
a bunch of pre-madonna faggots, who think that their cars are the "dux nuts"
They strutt around, with their died hair and small dicks, looking for "punani" because they are too fat and poor to be able to get a real root without paying for it.
Here come "team stem", fucking date punching, cock sucking, uni student dropout, cafe hopping, baggy jean wearing, mother fuckers
by shaun June 03, 2003

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