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A really cheap and shitty tasting white wine.
We asked her to bring a bottle of wine and she showed up some $2 Shart-donnay from Trader Joes. That shit was nasty!
by shartilingus March 30, 2009
It's like jumping the shark but worse. Not only does the show now suck but it's sticky and smells like shit. Not to mention it ruined a pair of good shorts.
Diff'rent Strokes was great until they introduced that annoying little redheaded kid. Now that show is shit - it defintely "jumped the shart".
by shartilingus November 12, 2008
American term for a person that is half white and half Filipino.
Damn that Honkapino kid is cute. I wonder which parent is the Honky?
by shartilingus September 22, 2010
Homemade wine coolers. Someone grabs some cheap box wine and mixes it with seven-up and puts it in a sippy-cup. People drinking Shartles and James can be found in the summer time at free movies in the park.
That lady over there has no idea where her kid is, she's all hammered on her homemade Shartles and James and flirting with her girlfriend's husband. Nice spray tan.
by Shartilingus May 25, 2011
The leader of the Poo Empire. He's mostly a robot poo since he was burned to the poo crust on some weird fucking magma planet. However, like most hardened poo he has a soft and warm place inside for his son Poot Skywanker.
That Sharth Vader is one evil mother fucker. He breathes heavy and his breath smell like shit. Did you see when that giant wookie Poobacca got stuck to Sharth Vader like a giant dingleberry?
by shartilingus October 04, 2011

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