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A condition characterized by psychological and/or somatic malaise, resulting from overzealous partying while on Spring Break.
Man, I'm so spring broken I feel like I did one too many shots of turpentine.
by shart attack June 13, 2012
Fallout resulting from Bonnaroovian bacchanalia. Whether it's a mysterious rash or just a temporarily wrecked GI tract, below-the-belt souvenirs remind us that not everything that happens at Bonnaroo stays at Bonnaroo.
Ugh, I'm Spring Broken; I think I got Bonnarrhea. From what I hope was a girl.

When you're on five psychedelics
And your bowels just feel like hell, it's
Bonnarrhea! Bonnarrhea!
by shart attack June 13, 2012

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