19 definitions by sharon

OCD'ing crazy ass person - girl or guy
Yo! did you see him bonewiczing out? yea I did yanking on that door a million times!
by Sharon November 11, 2003
Someone that exibits extreme geekiness. Often has glasses, rarely shaves. And uses forms of fetish porn as a way of stress relief.
"Dude, Jason is such a f*cking whendal"
by Sharon June 29, 2003
A very nice, well mannered, lovely, homely woman! Heart of gold and likes to share
Myself you donkey
by Sharon May 19, 2004
What a rich teen refers to his father as, but only when requesting something.
"Diddy! I want a new Bently NOW!"
by Sharon June 29, 2003
one who is not worthy of being actual shit
you're not even shit...you're the bones in shit
by sharon March 08, 2005
super, higher, above everyone else
She is an uber-user.
by Sharon November 11, 2004
a person who is an extreme nerd. a massive loser
your a basset who does there homework.
by Sharon December 01, 2004
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