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results when a man fails to wash his filthy cock hands after going to the bathroom at a buffet restaraunt. he then touches the disgusting cock-infested door handle before proceeding to the food line, thereby passing off the cockage to the tongs which oftentime get dropped into the food, resulting in 20 cock chicken or other delights.
"get those filthy cock tongs away from my food, or i will beat you with them."
by sharon, ricky's bitch September 29, 2006
a useless, un-intelligent female who deserves nothing more than a swift kick to the vag.
stupid bitch: "omg i like so totally love your shirt! seriously, like where did you get it???"

sharon: "get your own shirt, you numb cunt!"

by sharon, ricky's bitch March 18, 2007
a rare delight, served at fine buffet establishments. this type of cock- infested food is the result of cock tongs being dropped into regular, un- tainted food.
sharon: "this chicken is ok, but i think i taste a hint of cock."

ricky: "yeah, i dropped the tongs, sucka! now it's 20 cock chicken!"
by sharon, ricky's bitch October 01, 2006
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