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An activity commonly engaged in by people who are too young to legally drink, too unimaginative to do anything interesting or healthy, and too afraid of being found out as bores to interact with other people when they're sober.

Unfortunately, most underage drinkers remain dull and uncomfortable with themselves after they turn into regular drinkers who don't need to use fake IDs to sneak cheap beer and liquor.
I wanted my roommate to meet you guys, so I invited him to come with us on this hike. When he found out that we weren't bringing any alcohol, and that we were just going to take some sandwiches and try out my new camera, he decided he'd rather sit on his ass in his room getting drunk and watching cartoons on DVD.

It's too bad, because he's been complaining about how fat he's getting, and we must've burned about 1000 calories today. He always says he's bored, but every time somebody invites him to do anything other than drink he turns them down and says whatever they're doing is stupid. It's like he thinks that if underage drinking isn't involved, it can't be interesting. I think he would have liked seeing those bald eagles trying to catch fish and those hot girls we passed by the bridge. He played basketball in high school; maybe that game we're planning for next week won't be too "boring" for him.

Hopefully by the time I get home he'll be too drunk to yell at the television, but not so drunk that he's puking or blacked out. Had to call an ambulance for him last month when he blacked out; that was lame. I'm also tired of hearing him bitch about having trouble getting up for his classes - if he didn't stay up drinking most nights he wouldn't have such a problem.

But really - he's a cool guy when he's sober.
by sharktoothedrabbit November 13, 2011

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