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1. A girl who is naturally beautiful. She is pretty without make-up. Usually has a sun-kissed freckly look. Cute facial features. The nice ones are usually granola hot.
"she wasn't drop dead sexy, she was granola hot"
guy1: "think she's hot?"
guy2: "yeah, but she doesn't need make-up, she's granola hot"
"stay away form the ones with too much make-up, you want a girl thats granola hot!"
"i need me a granola hot country girl!"
by shario15 October 19, 2011
A guy or girl who was not very good looking when they were young, but grew into their looks. They get hotter as they get older.
Guy 1: "Is that really Alexa?! She got hot!"

Guy 2: "Yeah dude, she's a swan"

"Nate, you look great! You're a swan!"
by shario15 April 04, 2014

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