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17 definitions by sharapstar

you are suppose 2 put somethin tht describes you or someone elses status....#______Status you can also say it outloud.
*kid sitting all alone* - #NoFriendStatus *Kid eatin whole cake* #FatAssStatus *Hella loud person* - #LoudMouthStatus
by Sharapstar October 17, 2011
Black guy with XXL penis (durex is XXL condom)
Trey: i live a magnum lifestyle Girl: soo i got a durex nigga
by Sharapstar October 16, 2011
Expression meaning "on the real though" aka for real
Justin: "Yo i got 50k for tht car"
Dani: "wtf hw"
Justin: "Nah im jk i got 40k on da rizzy though"
Dani: "haha nicee where my stacks?"
by sharapstar August 18, 2011
got important stuff to do, no time for playing around or getting distracted
Suzie "Lets go to the movies"
Miya " i can't, i got more itis to do"
Suzie "awe maybe later then"
by sharapstar June 12, 2012
That's Where It's At basically means that particular something is what you want. Thats where the good stuff is.
Boy 1: " I want a big cheap house"
Boy 2: Atlanta, thats where its at
(You can find several big cheap houses in Atlanta)
by Sharapstar March 10, 2012
Peter pan means money (peter pan being green)
this is most famously used by Nicki Minaj inher verse of "Take It Off" by Lloyd
You need a feature? Gimme my peter pan
by sharapstar October 11, 2010
1)Wave means to follow in some ones footsteps

2)its like being part of some one who is really popular or who a lot of ppl likes "crew" aka there "wave"
1) Yo she badd i wanna join her wave
2) It's Barbie bitch you can join the wave...
by sharapstar September 04, 2010