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what you get after a night of too much bacardi 151
when your brain is starved of water as the water is used for your liver as the alcohol is dehydrating you.
feels great while drinking but then again "good things dont last long"
where theres good theres bad!
person 1: set me the bottle of 151
person 2: u sure you've had 1/2 bottle, tomorrow your gonna be fucked
person 1: who gives a fuck i feel on top of the world
******** NEXT MORNING********

person2: aint you gonna get up its 3pm
person1: im never gonna drink again i feel like shit
person2:your hangover, i told you to calm down on the 151 well im off to the pub
person1: **( pukeeeeeeeeeee)**
by sharabi jatt September 13, 2006
means see ya later in chat room form
as the "s" comes from see ya
person1: see ya bruv im outt
person2: aite sfee sl8a
by sharabi jatt September 14, 2006
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