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a dickina is when you have a dick or a penis and you also have a vagina.
both males and females can have dickinas.

also similar to transsexuals
See: Chobina
holy shit krista your dickina is massive!

woh, put your dickina away!!

i want your dickina
by Shann April 29, 2005
A very outgoing person. Shes always on the move. She makes a great reporter. Very sneaky. Loves the casino. Likes to communicate with others.
ludieis a great person.
I love bringing ludie flowers.
by shann October 23, 2013
a chobina is when you have a chobe ( a penis shorter than it is wide) and a vagina.
it can be used for both sexes

also related to transsexuals

See: Dickina
~OMG.. i want to suck your chobina!

~Suck my chobina! :-0
by Shann April 29, 2005
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