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when someone dumps pure alc. on a dildo and shoves it up there ass.
Peter gave himself a flaming earl.
by shanksta March 22, 2005
when you take a bag of shit and light in on fire and stick it in your fire place because the aroma arouses you.
Larry mad sure that he had a shlite going wehn his Gf showed up.
by shanksta April 04, 2005
when you shart in a womens vagina before sex and you use the shit for lubrication.
Larry gave Marry Ellen a shaboozy last night.
by shanksta April 04, 2005
when someone dumps hot sauce on a dildo then shoves it in there ass, then they pool it out and lick it clean.
Mark gave himself a hot daddy last night.
by shanksta March 22, 2005
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