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5 definitions by shaniqua2

Someone who is overly talkative on emails or text messages.
Man, Emily should get a job. She's been text massageing me every 2 minutes. And there are 10 emails in my inbox from her. She is way typeractive today.
by shaniqua2 January 26, 2007
Proving your patriotism by hating the people the government tells you to hate.
Well, I guess they've added a new country to the list of our enemies. I better hate them, too, if I'm going to prove my hatriotism.
by shaniqua2 November 27, 2006
Someone who steals traits, language and/or fashion from another ethnic or social group in order to create their own identity.
Todd just bought himself a Fubu track suit and changed his name to Tyrone. He is such a culture vulture!
by shaniqua2 December 27, 2006
Shady activity. Something secretive and no good.
Anything from spreading gossip to dealing drugs.
Nothing good will come of it.
Bob: Hey, Jamie's really been acting weird these days.
Jonny: Yeah. I think he's up to some dark business that he's not telling us about.
by shaniqua2 November 02, 2006
The guys that hang around a beautiful girl. A girl's male enterage.
Julie never goes out on a Friday night without her manterage. They just can't get enough of her.
by shaniqua2 January 23, 2007