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Commonly accepted as a rave, Monster Massive is a large Halloween dance festival that is completely legal and legitimate.
Costumes are encouraged.
Attendees are checked at the door for illegal substances, although many drugs are smuggled in.
Tickets are available from Ticketmaster, and it is not located in a deserted farm in the middle of the desert.
Monster Massive takes place at the LA Sports Arena.
Informed person: "Have you heard of monster massive?"
Misinformed person: "Isn't that a big crazy rave in LA?"
Informed person: "No, it's a Halloween dance festival that is a lot like a rave, but you can buy tickets at Ticketmaster, it's not in an obscure location out in the middle of nowhere, and drugs are not used/sold openly."
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by Shani Lyric October 24, 2007
A convenient way to live, although it isn't much of a choice. Being bisexual usually comes naturally, and more often occurs in women than men because women are just more sexual than men in that way. You can, however, tell yourself that you are bisexual until you believe it and it may just happen.
I'm bisexual, therefore I am attracted to both males and females.
by shani lyric March 19, 2005
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