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6 definitions by shani

curry turds from Ghandi Men
by Shani October 18, 2003
25 14
Any female who can get into a place, get drunk, eat food, do stuff and gain possessions, etc, at no expense to herself.
Therese is a Swindarella.
by Shani January 01, 2005
8 3
The current ruling party of the religion: Shanism
The Imperial Republic has instituted new reforms that will strengthen Shanism in many different aspects
by Shani March 03, 2005
6 2
A person who is currently scheming to take over the world or has already succeded in doing so.

It originated early in the 21st century when a young boy in Southern California had successfuly persuaded his friends to convert to a religion founded by him called: Shanism. The current ruling party is The Imperial Republic
Ohh man, you are starting to act like a Pretzel Stx 21 bro!
by Shani March 03, 2005
4 6
Omar Khan. Dark skinned creature with red eyes and black skin after an encounter with the sun after swimming.
by Shani October 18, 2003
1 8
same thing as werd; used in agreement to something else; cool
nigga 1: yo dawg i banged thyz hot chic last nite
nigga 2: werd life homie
by shani November 29, 2003
5 19