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curry turds from Ghandi Men
by Shani October 18, 2003
Any female who can get into a place, get drunk, eat food, do stuff and gain possessions, etc, at no expense to herself.
Therese is a Swindarella.
by Shani January 01, 2005
The current ruling party of the religion: Shanism
The Imperial Republic has instituted new reforms that will strengthen Shanism in many different aspects
by Shani March 03, 2005
A person who is currently scheming to take over the world or has already succeded in doing so.

It originated early in the 21st century when a young boy in Southern California had successfuly persuaded his friends to convert to a religion founded by him called: Shanism. The current ruling party is The Imperial Republic
Ohh man, you are starting to act like a Pretzel Stx 21 bro!
by Shani March 03, 2005
Omar Khan. Dark skinned creature with red eyes and black skin after an encounter with the sun after swimming.
by Shani October 18, 2003
same thing as werd; used in agreement to something else; cool
nigga 1: yo dawg i banged thyz hot chic last nite
nigga 2: werd life homie
by shani November 29, 2003

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