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the act of being so stupid that your thoughts and words are no more useful than.. the pendulum like swinging of Testicles bouncing off the partners genital area during intercourse.
1. When out on a double date the following converstaion occoured taking place between two men in front of their dates.
(person a.)Gee bro, I can't believe you fucked that girl and let her spend all of your money.
(person b.)Shut up Fuckballs!
#douchebag #asshat #fucktard #dildo #ballbag
by shanesmokey October 17, 2005
A white person who spends too much time around blacks and thus speaks Ebonics.
white guy 1 "yo maaan whachew doin?"
white guy 2 "I am not doing anything you Asscracker"
#foo #poser #zebra #jackass #moron
by shanesmokey October 18, 2005
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