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Listen to fall out boy before "Sugar, we're going down" and you'll see that they are not emo and they are not like EVERY other pop rock band.

patrick is an amazing singer,
the bands music just doesnt show it off that much.
if you listen to patrick sing "almost like being in love" then you'll se what i mean.
he is an amazing singer.
and andy hurley is an AMAZING drummer. not only does he have great technical skill, but he has passion.

joe trohman is an awesome guitarist.
listen to him play "beat it" and you'll see what i mean.

its easy to play bass in a pop rock band, so its impossible to judge pete on that. but he DOES write amazing lyrics. and their not whiny and "emo". technically, their "emotional", but what lyrics arent? all good lyrics have to do with emotion, whether happiness, sadness, madness, or whatever. and they are amazing lyrics. they use tons of literary devices like metaphors, alliteration, and all that. they are like poetry.

and if you listen to them live on tv, they will sound horrible. thats seriously just the sucky recording quality. and they did have lives before MTV. if anything, they were even better and more respected before MTV. MTV ruined their careers and their reputations by playing only 2 or 3 of their songs constantly, causing people to call them "sell outs". when in reality, THEY didnt sell themselves out, MTV did. mtv is the cause of all that. mtv and the teenybopper girls who watch mtv.

these days its true that some of the fans are those teeny bopper girls, which is once again mtv's fault. but there is still a HUGE portion of fob fans who are not brainwashed by mtv into liking them, and liked them BEFORE mtv.

dont call me a poser and dont say i have shitty taste in music. because i liked fob when they began, before they even played a crowd of 100 people, so i'm NOT one of those poser teeny-bopper mtv obsessed little girls.

if you think they suck, listen to take this to your grave and ALL of from under the cork tree, not just sugar we're going down. then tell me what you think.

and see them in concert. its worth it.
dumbass who has nothing better to do but to bash good music:"fall out boy sucks! their a bunch of posers!"
sane smart person: "no you dumbass, they dont suck. their amazing. actually listen to the music and dont just pay attention to what mtv is portraying them as, you bigot cunt!"
by shaneequa January 16, 2008

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