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A truely beautiful game, the irish have perfected violence and speed and given it a league to play in.
sticks and stones may break my bones but hurling deffinately will
by shaneaisbett July 01, 2004
Arguably the greatest player to ever play afl, playing with north melbourne and then moving to adelaide after sleeping with the vice captains wife.
1. Wayne carey was a dual premiership captain with north melbourne
2. i think im going to sleep with my vice captains wife, just like my hero wayne carey
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
After a hard night on the bourbon you will usually find that the next morning that it can be quite difficult to do a turd, it is quite large, very dark brown and unnusually sticky, this is called the bourbon bog.
my bourbon bog was so sticky and enlarged that i was on the toilet for at least 3 hours and it ripped all the hair from my ass on its way out.
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
1. The name used to describe the pipes and canal works in a sewerage farm.
2. another term used to describe diarrhea
1. once the poop goes through filter one it travels down the poo stream to filter two.
2. i waas on teh toilet for an hour, it was a mighty poo stream gushing down there
by shaneaisbett July 01, 2004
1. A description of the shape of a boxers or rugby palyers years after they have been smashed around for years.
2. When you walk around with cauliflower sticking out of your ears
1. After years of being hit in the head my younger brother has cauliflower ears
2. Trying to get out of eating my vegetables i thought i would stick them in my ears, thus giving myself cauliflower ears.
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
a thing which joins 2 things together allowing you to move from one part to the other. it can be either physical, mental, metaphorical etc.
1. i used the bridge to get to the other side of the river
2. understanding that my girlfriend was on her rags helped me to bridge why she was telling me i was an asshole when i had just moved heaven and earth for her.
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
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