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To fix something regardless of how it looks and ther amount of time it lasts. Using any materials that are available to you in a creative way to make something work.
Using rubber bands to hold your steering wheel in place, because you lost the bolts that are supposed to hold it.

Using pizza boxes for blocking the wind from your windows.

using duck tap to hold shit to your car.

use a coat hanger to hold the mufler on your car.

its like being a ghetto macgeiver.

using home theater speakers for your car system.

rigging your protable cd player to your tape deck and saying you have a dope system.

or using the portable cd player with the tape player cause the cd player is broken.

using a 22 bullet as a fuse cause your headlights went out.

using surrand wrap and a rubber band or a baggy as a condom.

using duck tape for waxing.

using coca cola to eat the rust so you can bust the bults off the wheels.

using the dushing fluid bottles as a squirt gun.
by shane o , pootie, n' brad February 11, 2005

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