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Verb: When a dancer grinds on you and makes you cum in your pants during a lap dance.
"You can go to Candybar and get a lap job"
by Shane McGehee June 12, 2008
Death resulting from sodomy.

(What a shitty way to die, or kill someone)
Sodomicide is rampant in prisons where Viagra is in abundance.
by Shane McGehee November 26, 2007
to incorporate chicken into a meal.

to puss out of a situation.
That was pathetic watching you poultrinate your way out of that one.
by shane mcgehee August 10, 2008
A girl who fucks you on occasion but never returns calls or texts. Known more commonly as ninjina.
What happened to you last night, a ninjayjay strike again ?
by Shane McGehee July 10, 2008
To have some sort of accident while on acid.
I may have aciddently given my soul away to that piece of furniture.
by shane mcgehee September 12, 2008
an orgasm given by a toothless elderly person.
Beatrice gives the best geriactasms in town.
by Shane McGehee November 25, 2009
a dwelling compiled ideally mostly of fence poles and old carpet, but substitutions can be and are often made.
That bum's makeshift tent really was just a glorified urban teepee.
by Shane McGehee July 10, 2008
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