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One of the greatest rap groups today. Used to be run by tupac shakur(rip 1971-1996).It has some great talents like Napolian,EDI etc. Napolian has currently found his muslim background and is in Australia promoting gangs to stop the violence.
The outlawz have made famous on of the best diss tracks eva 'HIT EM UP'.
by shane diaz July 15, 2006
One of da wrestling greats. He is currently living in the US.
UNFORGIVEN 2002 : when rikishi rubbed his ass in eric bishofes face
by shane diaz July 11, 2006
One of the most underrated wrestlers in the wwe today. This guy has done a lot for his company and is currently making appearances on smackdown.
chavo guerero is a former wwe world cruiserweight champion as well as a numerous time wwe tag team champion with the late great eddie guerero.
by shane diaz July 14, 2006
The spirit squad is a group of five really annoying male cheerleaders.They are most well known for winning the tag team championships off Kane and the Big show, and for sucking up to the mcmahons at every moment.
Vengence 2006 when the spirit squad got their asses handed to em by the DX and getting humiliated week after week on raw by hbk and triple h.
by shane diaz July 15, 2006
A crazy show involving crazy things, the wildboys is a mtv show that has a crew do great,funny,stupid,and dangerous stunts.It borrowes its show ideas from other shows like jackass and the dudesons, but is a lot more entertaining.
When the wildboys drank snake blood in thailand and then puked all over the place.
by shane diaz July 14, 2006

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