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A young woman between the teens and twenty's who dresses slutty. A cross between "trashy" and "stanky" = tranky.
A gal who shows camel toe, wears low cut jeans that hug the butt, shows her belly button and wears too much make-up in a suggestive way. The way she acts is also a consideration.
Joe was busy checking out the girls at the mall when this cute little twenty something stolled by trolling for stank. He gazed at her camel toe and mooseknuckle and said "Damn, she's tranky".
by Shane December 29, 2003
A toast to the devil, in Norwegian.
Drinking toast "Skall til faen and all my other close and personal friends"
by Shane August 23, 2003
An archaic synonym for helicopter, generally not used after the 1960's.
Did you know in one of the first issues, Spider-man calls a helicopter a whirlybird?
by Shane January 07, 2005
to kiss or make out
Jimmy got caught schnogging with Janet behind the bleachers.
by Shane April 01, 2004
a turd wider than it is long, usually takes a long time to shit out and not impressive when the releasor views between his legs to see the tiny crap that took an hour to plop in the bowl.
Sorry I missed the wedding, I had to pass a globlett in my little sisters bathroom.
by shane March 29, 2004
K to the C
Wow... your the prettiest women in the world, kahit taga hollywood pa walang tatalo sa ganda mo. You are the best policy. You will be my crush forever...
by Shane November 26, 2003
Same as Indoor Sledding except that the woman keeps her pants on.
Outdoor Sledding satisfied her alright.
by shane November 13, 2003
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