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an individual who has everything going for him. etc. women, karma, drugs
i wish i could be pac-man. usually a seller
by shane May 04, 2003
Bantam is Batman spelled incorrectly.
Oh my farking god! Bantam touched me! Err, Batman! (Damn you all!)
by Shane April 05, 2005
A man of extreme muscular strength and sexiness.
Andy Vahamaa is a cock diesel.
by shane January 01, 2005
A girl from Irvin who likes to have sex with one guy in one day, and then when he goes off to work, she fucks every living thing with a cock. Including all her boyfriends friends.
Colleen is such a scoche, I swear she humped on all my friends after smoking my pole two hours earlier.
by shane December 10, 2004
Chinese Penis
"That Asian man had a very small Chenis"
by Shane November 21, 2003
Fuckin awesome rock band from Canada that puts on one hell of a show and offers a variety of musical styles while continuing to rock hard on every album. Singer/Guitarist, Chad Kroeger, offers a new style of singing with his deep, raspy voice in comparsion to the ever-popular bitch-and-moan-winey-high pitched-emo voice seen in today's punk/emo.
"Dude, did you hear a lot of people hate Nickelback?"
"Yeah, man, fuck them, they can go play with themselves with their Ashlee Simspon records."
by Shane August 05, 2005

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