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111 definitions by shane

a person who get fucked in the ass and then the same person doing the fucking blows in the ass and trys to get the wind to come out of the pussy and if it happends she has twins
after douglas and black got done with the shnowzer douglas was pregnent onces again
by shane February 21, 2004
5 22
woman who lives to serve husband does washing, ironing, cleaning, etc. with great joy. also has huge orgasms every time during sex and has sex every time her husband commands.
joe: man i wish i had a stepford wife
by shane August 28, 2004
229 249
a "dim-witted" person that seems to know nothing, but may be hiding something. As an insult, this word could easily be in the hall-of-fame.
"Your a Dipshit"
by Shane December 14, 2003
12 37
A frase that means to run away fast and not know where you are going.
"Andy, lets mobb deap."
by Shane December 11, 2002
3 30
hey cubs fans dont be jealous you cant get to the world series you homos!!
cardinals fans could be the shit outta those cubs pussies
by shane April 09, 2005
98 125
Bantam is Batman spelled incorrectly.
Oh my farking god! Bantam touched me! Err, Batman! (Damn you all!)
by Shane April 05, 2005
11 43
A person who mig welds
" Hey, hurry up and finsh your welds you dumb migger."
by shane June 05, 2004
16 49