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A Rathead is cross between a hoodrat and a chicken head. A nasty girl from the hood that been on every cock on the block, but think she all that, has nasty, stinky unwashed hair, bad ratty weave, died red hair, thinks getting dressed up is wearing flip flops and panties. Is always yelling at Sprint to turn her phone back on "da chex in da mail mudafuka! do you know who I IS?!?"

usually likes to bob up and down on someone else's man's dick as much as she can. will suck the last drop of beer from a can and then use it as a homemade pipe for weed or crack.
I keep crank calling that RATHEAD Alkeesha, who started trying to get wit my man and she tried to get ill wit me like she wasn't suckin his dick even though i saw her half red dukie braids riding his junk.

by shanaynay lachild August 25, 2007

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