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Lovin means having sex (intercourse, wutever).
Damn, I couldn't believe they were in the bathroom lovin.
by Shan December 16, 2003
another name for "earth"
also another way to say "to steal food"
Marni! You so just Star Jonesed my gummy bears!!!!!
by Shan February 16, 2004
an abreviation of the words: oh my god, what the fuck!? useful in every day teminology
Shan: dood, wtf is that!?

mel: OMGWTF! O_O
by Shan February 17, 2004

Stimulation of the reproductive organ performed orally!
Your boyfriend gave me the best head ever. He must be a pro!
by Shan December 16, 2003
The term morish refers to a thing ,person or event that you like or would like more of
MMmm thats so morish,
by Shan April 15, 2003
a scally is a fucking dichead who thins hes hard but not.
scally: er wot the fuck does dat cow fins shes doin givin me dirties the fucing bitch/hoe
by Shan June 27, 2004
This just means that you are at an uncertain point in your life... You don't want to be involved (sexually, romanticly) with males or females... you just want to be left alone! (like in NEUTRAL mode)
Even though she doesn't like boys, she isn't gay... she's more neutral.
by Shan December 16, 2003

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