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A sexual position where the male is on top of the female, mid thrust, and then Conan O'Brien jumps through the door and says "YippeeKayYay Mister Falcon!"
My girl told me she loved me after we did the Tokyo sandblaster this weekend. Sha-wing!
by shakesfear November 10, 2010
1. An almost solely British term for a bar, pub, or tavern.

2. When used in different context, a term for a unfavorable
position, disgusting, crappy place or situation, such as a filthy restaurant, a bad match on a video game, or horrid experience while doing most anything.

3. A bathroom.

The word "piss" meaning something disgustingly awful, and "joint" meaning location or event.
(British) "Oi, where's the nearest piss joint?"

"Screw this place, it's a total piss joint. Let's get outa here."

"Forget it, man. That place's a piss joint!"

"Hey guys, I gotta make a visit to the piss joint, be right back.
by Shakesfear May 11, 2012

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