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3 definitions by shagsthedustmop

In the MMORPG Eve-Online (www.eve-online.com) a Carebear is a character who stays in Concord (police) controlled space and never ventures into unsecured "0.0" space.

Unlike previous MMORPG related definitions, an Eve carebear doesn't necessarily eschew Player-vs-Player activity - a carebear may actually be a pirate or griefer who specifically stays in Concord controlled space to prey on new players (noobs).

Carebear pirates are commonly considered a cowardly form of pirate.
My character is in a carebear corporation; I never leave high security space.

He's a carebear pirate because he hangs out on the border of high-security space to gank noobs.
by shagsthedustmop March 06, 2006
From the Harry Potter slash fanfiction fandom, the Severus Snape/Remus Lupin pairing or romantic relationship.
Despite it being totally against canon, I love the snupin ship.
by shagsthedustmop July 17, 2005
1. To pick on someone weak, then run away when somebody strong attempts to retaliate. From the "Eve-Online" (www.eve-online.com) MMORPG, in reference to a character, Ginger Magician, who became infamous for picking on newbies but running away and even logging out of the game when someone stronger than him fights back.

Same meaning as to "do a ginger"

My defenseless hauler got destroyed by a guy in a cruiser, but he totally gingered when I came back a few minutes later with my battleship.
by shagsthedustmop March 06, 2006