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33 definitions by shaggy

A young, male Ohioan who enjoys waxing his armpit hair in the company of Salvy employees
Shaggy can be such a naive dumbass sometimes; I wish he would get a clue.
by Shaggy May 29, 2003
When someone busts open a locker and pisses on their shit.
"i am gonna bust open this kids locker and give him a Fat Mike."
by Shaggy March 09, 2005
A stumpy/long and usually fat or skinny pink, brown or yellow sausage shaped snake that throws up when excited, usually after stroking it. The 'one-eye' is actually its mouth from where it spunks out spunk like a monkey spunky kiss it in the funky area.
by Shaggy October 07, 2003
An alteration of the term new shoes, meaning to burp.
Fred: (BURP)
Paul: 'old hat!'
by Shaggy April 20, 2005
when someone sticks a funnel into another persons anus, then urinating into the funnel
hey babe, i got the funnel, you ready for the gold star?
by shaggy December 04, 2004