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Drill it-Drilling it, is when you are fucking a girl really hard.
Yo Tommy you gotta drill it.
by Shaggy March 07, 2005
Scooby-doo's drug addict cousin.
Scooby-doo was visiting dooby-doo.
by shaggy April 17, 2003
pl n. very strong marijuana
Man, I got these nugz for $120 a quo.
by Shaggy April 09, 2003
To ejaculate into someone's anal cavity. The subject then defacates the semen into your mouth.
She gave me the rabid squirrel last night in exchange for the rusty trombone.
by shaggy October 26, 2003
When you're slamming that girl from behind and you reach around and that titty's just hanging there, that's the bedangle.
I was nailing her ass and got bored, so I decided to play with the bedangle.
by Shaggy July 03, 2004
flavor flav's nick name on strange love on MTV
" i love my fuffy fuffy"
by shaggy March 09, 2005
n. a person that is a pussy and a little bitch.
comes from a reandom person that will say anything to piss someone off.
dont be a pusbitch, just play the game.
by shaggy March 03, 2005

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