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The adding of cock (aka; the peni) to the (of moof,m00f)
You're such a cock m00f George
by Shaft May 28, 2003
quite possible the worst place on earth. see also: blow job city
canton, ohio is the best truck stop in the world
by Shaft February 01, 2004
a word standing for totally sweet, awesome, nasty, hot, super, etc. Scott is the king of jello and defines it however he wants. Emily is Queen and has no control over the word.
Scott is more jello than Emily
by shaft February 19, 2005
The female genitalia
Hey baby, lemmee see yo' tater
by Shaft August 06, 2003
A straight man who cares about his looks a lot. very vain, and might even look gay.
metrosexuality is NOW.
by shaft March 28, 2004
large motor vehicle desired by upper middle class women strictly because it costs the bling or a car paid for by men and driven by women
Any dude who drives a lexus suv is a fucking pussy or Muffy and Buffy went to yoga in their lexus suv
by Shaft January 31, 2004
the act of recklessly abandoning all sense of decency by consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs, and degrading women as much as possible.
Look at those bitches over there. My buddy just bent that one over and put a hole in it. He did a bunch of blow off her tits too. Blow it up!
by Shaft January 31, 2004

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