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Marshall Mathers is back in rehab for supposedly popping prescription pills that are sleeping pills.This man has been known for his drug abuse but he is not a drinker.While Hailey Mathers (his daughter) awaits for the day she can be with her father every moment instead of being with her step sister's uncle-Lainey's uncle.His life has been anything but normal but somehow he can keep it all together no more than a regular average human being like you & me.People hate him for his critiscism but you have to remember this man has been ctritised all of his life.He has become something most people of his lifestyle dream of but knowing dreams like that never come true.Give this guy the credit he deserves not the critiscism he's lived with all his life.
--everybody has heard of the real slim shady
by shadythangk-i'm his gurl August 20, 2005

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