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An awerome saying from the movie Crank 2: High voltage. Chev chelios has just killed a bunch of chinese gangsers in the back of a limozine and he stands up and says chicken and broccoli. The saying can mean many things, its main definitions tho are: Fucking brilliant, no problem, and its over. It is a new saying that is starting to go around ever since the film. Chicken and broccoli is a saying you can use in any situation.
person:My life is over, i'm fucked! Me: Chicken and Broccoli.
by shady forever August 19, 2009
A fat,talentless, redneck rapper from the south, that is also considered a juggalo and possibly gay. He remains underground to this day frankly because he sucks at rapping, he sounds like a goat getting choked to death! He made many disses toward eminem hoping that Slim shady will reply and make him famous. He also dissed the dead rapper proof (eminems deceased best friend.) His fanbase consists of toothless rednecks, fat rednecks and the mentally ill. Ive also heard his flabby neck tastes like hot dogs!
hey have you heard of that fat rapper Haystak who dissed eminem like 5O times to try and get famous??
by shady forever August 18, 2009
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