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to be homeless and seen riding or walking your bike
hey look over there, its a bicycle bob picking up cans
by shady character February 08, 2007
when sitting on the can you really have to push hard to get that turd out. when you make that intial push you make a heph sound and at the end of the push you have your loaf. hense the name hephaloaf.
Dude, "man last night i had a real hephaloaf to deal with."

psychologist, "i hate when i get those."
by shady character January 29, 2008
smoking a doobie in between classes
hey bud lets hit up a doobie snack
by shady character February 08, 2007
to get your asshole cummed and pissed on with a little bit of poo mixed in; looks like old bacon grease left in the frying pan
see that chick, i bacon greased her
by shady character February 08, 2007
an abbreviation for Canadian Club, which is canadian whiskey
yo did you bring the CC
by shady character February 08, 2007
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