26 definitions by shady

It means stoned. In my language.
i'm so ertu oyt of my mind yesh.
by Shady October 29, 2004
1- a totally shady inspired word meaning full of crap.
2- term often used to express the beliefs of fundies.
3- something or someone that is beyond belief.
3- an extreme example of those who are full of crap: i.e., crapola-ites.
You are so full of crapola; you have got to be a crapola-ite.
by shady October 29, 2003
Something only true gangsta have!
Whaddup nigga - i gotta go cop some new Rain boots fo sho yo
by ShAdY February 16, 2005
repsenting the eastside
yo bust out the e walk
by shady November 08, 2003
Abular means awesome... I made up the word when i was stoned...
Wow, thats abular, maybe we can do something on friday, something abular.
by Shady September 29, 2004
The current residence of the greatest MC of all time, Eminem. 2nd only to San Diego. If you hate the D, go to hell!
Detroit is the birthplace of Obie Trice
by ShAdY July 26, 2004
A e-thug, someone who tries too hard to act tough thru the use of keyboard.
He aint no gangsta, his sikwitit
by Shady April 06, 2004

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