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An anti-brony is a person who is fully against the show My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and more importantly, it's fans. Anti-bronies are utmost the most annoying, sexist, and hypocritical bigots on the internet. Anti-bronies use the excuse that it is gay or for little girls, and by that the intend it to mean "feminine", which means girly. This by far is the most sexist thing anyone could have read. Anti-bronies complain that bronies or pegisisters have no life, girl/boyfriend, or friends in general. In most cases, they do indeed have friends and girl/boyfriends. While at the same time the accusing anti-bronies by many cases don't, being that they spend all of their time hating bronies on the internet.
>I am not a brony, i'm neutral, I have three brony friends and four anti-brony. This is all by personal experience with them.

Anti-brony: You guys are should go get a life.
Brony: Hold on checking my pulse... yup, I have a life. Might want to check yourself.
by shadowlancer114 June 28, 2013

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