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As u are getting head from ur gf, a random girl, or ........other... as ur moment of truth comes to put the creamer in the coffee let her kno its time and whip ur tower of power all over the place while smacking her in the face at the same time
as the man was getting his rim job of doom he whipped his monkey out of its cave did a full 360 spin and preformed a sprinkler system slap all over his womans face!!! wat a boss :D
by shadow of life November 04, 2009
a sex position in witch you start out having ordinary sex and as she starts to scream u pull out tape ur dick to her back and fuck her spinal cord back indent as she is wondering wat u r doing u then attempt a back flip in mid fuck {she is also coming along with ur back flip} 1:if u land the flip finish her off with a "sprinkler system slap" 2:if u do not land this it can result in a very contorted dick.... but a pleasured woman...

:This is very dangerous and very brutal unless u r veryyyyy flexible
Dude 1: dude i preformed the supreme squall yesterday!!!

Dude 2: no fucking way man!!! how did it go?

Dude 1: well i think that was the last time ill ever have sex due to a very square looking penis but my girlfriend is in total love with me!
by shadow of life November 04, 2009
a bitch that sucks so much cock that when she breathes a cock shaped vapor cloud emits from her mouth making her choke just a little bit...
Many of hugh heffners bunnies are cock breath bitches.

friend 1: hey dude look at that girk over there shes choking!!!

friend 2: hey its okay shes only a cock breath bitch she will be fine!

Whore: hey stop making f......{cough cough choke choke Bluaghhhhh!!!} nevermind i realize ima cock breath bitch now
by shadow of life November 04, 2009
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