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a female who has no ass at all
i walking down the street and say a girl with noassatall
by shaddy July 15, 2006
1) exceeding dsls and dial up at an exceedingly high rate.

2) having dsls and performing filatio at an excedingly high speed
Sharky's high speed dsl's left my shaft soft and flacid
by shaddy July 15, 2006
a female who eats all of your kids(semen)when performing filatio.
call that bitch a cannibal because she swallows my kids.
by shaddy July 15, 2006
performing anal sex with a constipated female, thus cleaning out her pipes
me and my girl got caught pouring liquid draino in the pipes because she farted on my dick
by shaddy July 15, 2006
a female who when she goes down on you, she makes sure none of the "seaman" comes back up
a titanic gave me head yesterday and took all of my semen with her
by shaddy July 15, 2006

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