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It's when you get your booty-log pushed in by a fellow blogger on a blind date (:
k/y sold sep.
post "blog anal" milk baths optional.
Ricardo got his shit pushed in, even before he got to blog about it.
by shabooty.com April 05, 2005
also known as SHS.
Another way to say Anal Sex.
When I woke up with mud on my helmet from the drunken Substitute Hole Sex last night, I flipped out.
by shabooty.com December 25, 2007
it is when you get analsex from a "blog person" (fellow blogger) on a first date
instead of leaving them a trackback you give them a reachbackaround and play w/ their balls -and or- give reach arounds.
origin.: chicago bloggers meeting blog persons only to end up getting some blog anal.

ctsy: shabooty.com
Carl the blog person got blog anal from Jessica the blogger.
She's on the comments with her friends, like 'how cool is he'...!
by shabooty.com April 05, 2005

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