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When you throw your middle finger up in the air and wave it around, it can be classed as a gesture
when a rude child says "sit on that" with his finger up, it will actually mean "shit on that"
by shabba28 January 31, 2011
A noggin is an imaginative word, it could be a dirty word or it could be nogginly gurrd. You can call it to freinds, family and even turtles. Either way there not going to know what you are on about, however they normally retaliate and call you something back.
Shabba"Hey turtle"... Turtle says "mmpppfff"... Shabba says "you wiped any noggins lately", the turtle then bites your 4th toe.

Therefore the turtle is a Noggin wiper
by shabba28 March 10, 2011
A private conversation between two people
When somebody tries to get involved in your conversation just go

"Excuse me..this is a privo" then wiggle your finger while saying and skank out.
by shabba28 September 30, 2011

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