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the peoples of tiny ass town of waterford, california. These people only form of entertainment is hanging out in the tacobell/pizza aka zaplace/or the random off brand shopping center IGR or something. Usually this place is infested with A]half naked middle aged women who are overly tanned, in a nasty-leathery-inches-away-from skin-cancer sorta way. B]one to three hick cops,in the pizza place bar. C]the rare sightings of hot teenage cowboys in their dirt covered pickups.Always a highlight until you start talking to them and realized they are idiots.
wow whole lot of waterfornians out tonite...

by shabanglalallalaa August 08, 2007
originally the fantastic4 &/or fab4,consists of iggy, latessa, nicotin, stella, jimbo/alley. became the fudgepack after a major coup dente... Basically hang out at each other houses, brendan theaters,STARBUCKS,watch waterfornians, party at the chainsaw massacre house,hang out in the school parking lot talking about nothing or aimlessly look for things to do. Most of the time it takes us hours to contact each other.

-hey is the fudgepack doing anything today?

-wtf dude were the fantastic4!

-whatever...lets call everyone.

three hours later.

-so i guess its just us...
alley has work,nicoles doing homework,tessas parents are prudes...fuck it.
let go to HICKMAN!
by shabanglalallalaa November 11, 2007

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