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Preppy, and cute. Not overpriced. Fits great. the only downside is that just about every girl you'll see will look exactly the same and all be wearing hollister.
for guys its kinda homosexual to have an all-hollister wardrobe.
I love clothes from hollister!

omgz i Love your shirt!! I have the same one!! WAIT, so does every other girl in my class.:(
by shaayna December 23, 2005
luiz is a common name in brazil instead of luis. its pronounced pretty much the same but with more of a zz at the end.
i know this cute boy named luiz from brazil. :)
by shaayna July 22, 2006
Means "take off your clothes" in spanish.
Said to someone you want to take off their clothes
Hey, hottie, QUITATE LA ROPA!

Callate la boca and quitate la ropa.
by shaayna May 08, 2005
A jungle-like division of miami. Mostly full of liberals. And people who hate Home Depot.
I love living in Coconut Grove!
by shaayna May 08, 2005
Almost like yes, but with more enthusiasm.
Hot person: Can i get your number?
You: HECK YES you can!

I rock, HECK YES!
by shaayna May 08, 2005
Abbreviation for new world school of the arts
omgz i met this chick from NWSA!
by shaayna May 08, 2005
Elizabeth's little brother.
omg i saw Twigglez today with his whore gf!
by shaayna May 08, 2005

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