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Plastic or metal reproductions of testicles (either human or bull) that hang from a trailer hitch. They come in numerous colors and are usually found on pickup trucks or SUVs.
Wife: What are those blue things hanging from the back of that truck?

Husband: That redneck has truckticles on his truck. Must be compensating for something.

Wife: Well, we should get them too.
by sfvzj April 18, 2008
A person named David who is homosexual or acting in a homosexual manner.
Did you see David out the other night?
Yeah, he was hitting on men. That makes him gheyvid.
by sfvzj April 17, 2008
One who finds treasure in other's trash.
I saw David looking through the trash for lunch yesterday. He is such a garbage digger.
by sfvzj April 29, 2008
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